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I can’t recall when was the first time I came across that line, it must have been years ago. But I remember it made me pause, and marvel, and inspired to make something of my life. I didn’t know who Mary Oliver was back then, or even that she was a poet, and I didn’t stop to think about the context in which she wrote these iconic lines,

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?”

I had come across this quote many times since, frequently in the context of some motivational…

Disney’s Mulan (1998)

Mulan has a special place in my heart, though in a different way than most talked about in the English media, I suppose. I grew up in Malaysia, and had a steady diet of Chinese period dramas from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore when I grew up. Representation of my ethnicity on screen wasn’t the draw here, but rather the fact that Mulan dared to defy gender roles. None of the badass heroines in other period dramas I watched defy gender roles and expectations quite so literally (that is, until the first series I watched about the female generals of…

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Now that Cyber Week is over, I suppose I can finally say that I have officially survived my first Thanksgiving in the US.

Growing up in Asia, Thanksgiving is a quaint foreign holiday that many of us could nonetheless get behind. Sure, the whole turkey and stuffing thing is baffling, but it is about being thankful in general — so why not?

I moved from Singapore to San Francisco in January. Actually being here for Thanksgiving made me realise it is a much bigger deal than I thought, and that it is a time for family to come together.


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As a recent Southeast Asian transplant to San Francisco, the Labor Day holiday in the United States represents yet another quirk in a long list of quirks about the US — like using the imperial system of measurements. Most of the rest of the of the world celebrates Labor Day on May 1st.

Nevertheless, here we are, a long weekend. My first Labor Day in September.

August had been a hard month for me at work, and I had been counting down to this weekend. …

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On Sunday, I found out that the Archive of Our Own, affectionately known as AO3 to fans, had just been awarded the Hugo award for Best Related Work. For the uninitiated, AO3 is an archive of fanwork like fanfiction and fanart that is owned and run by fans, hence the name. And the Hugo awards are a huge deal within the science fiction and fantasy community — they are more famously known for awarding the best sci-fi and fantasy works every year, though there are other categories like the Best Related Work category.

My heart is bursting with so many…

E. L. Skye

Writer. Painter. Dreamer. Storyteller. Queer. Sometimes in that order. Recent transplant to San Franciso. Had lived in Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands.

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